Customs, data enrichtment and returns management in one platform

Karoline Gees
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With AEB’s Customs Management and early planning, DPD delivers the same efficient service as they did pre-Brexit.


Even though the reality of Brexit was undeniable as early as 2018, the shock to UK cross-border supply chains could not have been greater since January 2021, when it finally took effect. DPD had prepared three years for this moment, however despite this was faced with a landscape of new and complex regulatory frameworks subject to frequent changes and the introduction of new UK governmental systems. Yet customers’ expectations hadn’t changed at all. Deliveries still had to happen fast and real-time shipment status is expected to be available, no matter the intricacies that come with a newly constructed UK/EU customs border.


DPD didn’t go looking for a solution in January 2021, like many other companies. Instead, its timely and thorough planning began in 2018, when DPD kicked off its Brexit project together with AEB. AEB proactively proposed a custom-tailored approach to redefining DPD’s EU-UK and UK-EU movements of goods. Together, they developed an out-of-the-box technology-fueled process with DPD’s brand new international gateways in the UK and the Netherlands at its heart.

These new distribution centers were added to DPD’s network and delivery depots, processing the import and export of EU-UK and UK-EU shipments subject to new customs procedures. The UK government systems the AEB Customs Management platforms connects to involve HMRC’s CHIEF, CDS, NCTS, and GVMS.

Once shippers’ data has been collected, the processes run largely automated for warehouse management: import filing and export filing including automated and intelligent data enrichment for product classification, electronic customs processing, automatic goods releases upon VAT, and duty payments and customs clearances, as well as efficient returns.

Seamless and automated data exchange with government customs systems via AEB and port operators ensures a steady flow of shipment and customs data that feeds back into DPD’s operating systems without any delay.


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Thanks to AEB’s market-leading Customs Management software and DPD’s early planning, businesses and shoppers alike continue to enjoy the same efficient service as they always did.

Key Value benefits from this partnership are:

  • Full technology integration flowing data from customers to DPD to AEB and finally to national customs authorities.
  • High levels of data-driven automation.
  • Market leading data enrichment routines to resolve customs data issues.
  • Less than 1% of manual interventions required to resolve customs declarations.
  • Minimized operating costs for DPD customers who experienced (and still do) various Brexit-based financial impacts that they need to compensate.

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