E-commerce logistics accelerated by 100% automation

Karoline Gees
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exporto went from just under 200.000 parcels across the border to Switzerland to over 1 million parcels per year with the support of AEB’s multi-country Customs Management.


Starting out, automization was always the basis of exporto’s business idea. Their customs software soon hit a ceiling, though, limiting the number of declarations that could be filed per day. Demand kept on growing and relying on manual tasks held exporto back. A bottleneck situation was looming. What exporto needed was a solution allowing them to combine automization and scalability to achieve greater speed and performance. Any system needed to be able to accommodate not only growth with regard to the number of declarations filed, but also to the number of countries served. With Great Britain joining Switzerland as an exporto importing and exporting destination, the multi-country approach was an important element.


AEB and exporto collaborated to integrate exporto’s established system into the AEB Customs Management. Now, when an online shop’s parcels arrive at exporto’s warehouse and cut-off takes place, exporto pushes the shipment data to AEB, creating the necessary customs declarations either in bulk or on a single-parcel level for Germany, Switzerland or Great Britain. exporto then transports the parcels to their destination and hands them over to the final-mile carriers. In pretty much the same fashion, exporto also collects returns on the other side of the border and sends them back to their
points of origin.

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Before relying on AEB’s Customs Management, exporto’s limit for parcels crossing the border to Switzerland was 250 000 per year. Right now, exporto has already reached 1 million parcels per year across the border to Switzerland and GB. For exporto, it’s a black box working its magic, very rarely requiring manual intervention or trouble shooting. For the online shop, it’s as if the order came from just a town over. For the customer, it’s like ordering from a UK or Swiss online shop. To them, the border has disappeared. That’s why the AEB platform works in both directions and also handles returns without a fuss.

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About exporto

In 2019, Pascal von Briel and Julius Komp founded exporto. They help online shops located within the EU to sell to Switzerland and, since early 2022, also Great Britain. exporto executes the entire cross-border customs process for online shops inside the EU. Looking ahead, growing into new markets is one target for exporto, while looking across the pond may be a more distant, but exciting goal for Pascal and Julius, enabled by AEB’s central multi-country solution.