Automation for reliable customs processes in e-commerce

Karoline Gees
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Pro Carrier decreased its inspection rate from 30% to under 1% by switching from bulk clearance to automation-supported single parcel clearance.

Among the top 3 of the “e-commerce support business” category at the 2023 Ecommerce Awards in London.
Among the top 3 of the “e-commerce support business” category at the 2023 Ecommerce Awards in London.


As e-commerce logistics expert, Pro Carrier’s business model and mission has always been a data-oriented approach to customs. When they were looking to design a b2b2c service, they wanted to make changes towards higher efficiency and tackle issues, like a high inspection rate at borders, in the process. With demand for their services growing, Pro Carrier needed to up the number of staff dealing with customs clearance, while working with customs agents in the EU often meant being left in the dark about the status of customs declarations. A dissatisfactory situation that urgently called for improvement.


The solution AEB set up for Pro Carrier makes full use of the functions available in the AEB Customs Management platform. The successful customs process rests on two pillars: AEB Customs Management Export UK and Customs Broker Integration for Import EU through the Netherlands. Customs Broker Integration means Pro Carrier can follow every step of the import process and is always in the loop about the status of clearance and the location of the individual parcels. This workflow with a customs broker connected digitally to Pro Carrier applies to shipments from the UK to the EU and from the UK to Ireland.

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<1% inspection rate


30 minutes per day for customs clearance


With AEB Customs Management, Pro Carrier has an automated, data-driven end-to-end solution at its command, with all customs processes centred on one platform. Thanks to automation, they were able to reduce their inspection rate from 30% to under 1%, meaning trucks are no longer held up. Customs Broker Integration not only digitizes the data exchange with customs brokers, it also makes it easy to work with several different broker partners, at peak times, for instance, when greater capacities are needed. Relying on the AEB platform also allowed Pro Carrier to free up staff by reducing the time spent on customs clearance from 6 hours per day to just 30 minutes. And the customs process doesn’t just include import and export declarations, but also solutions for VAT deferment and preferences.

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About Pro Carrier

Born out of Brexit, Pro Carrier was launched to help thriving e-commerce businesses continue to operate and send parcels across Europe. Located in Laindon Essex, it serves ecommerce customers throughout the UK. Integrating directly into e-commerce platforms, the technology helps reduce the number of undeliverable items and improves Customs clearances across the globe. Their team of experienced industry professionals fully understands the market and can bring their wealth of experience to the world of e-commerce.