Using the EU's DECO customs regime for e-commerce

Karoline Gees
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As the e-commerce customs & logistics partner for Europe, Atlantic relies on AEB Customs Management to handle 12 mio parcels per year - and counting.


As a start-up specializing in end-to-end cross-border e-commerce logistics, Atlantic needed a strong customs solution to realize their tech- and data-driven approach to customs clearance. Additionally, any solution had to be deployed by July 1, 2021 to cater to the newly introduced EU VAT and customs rules for e-commerce. Their demands focused on scalability, comprehensive and reliable reporting, and the desire to download clearance documentation hassle-free.


AEB Customs Management set up the required solution within a week and implemented an optimized workflow for Atlantic. It includes a file upload for different formats and a direct-filing solution for import into the Netherlands covering both B2C and B2B2C shipments of high and low value consignments. The latter are sorted automatically into the low or high value category. With Customs Management, data can be enriched easily using templates. 

Atlantic also acts as a customs broker for imports from Great Britain, relying on the digital Customs Broker Integration to receive data from customers and forward confirmation of successful declarations to them. Rounding out the services is a simple download of UTBs, ensuring complete compliance with customs regulations and reporting.



5 day

12 mio


With AEB’s super quick setup, Atlantic was one of the first companies to make use of the low value DECO customs regime in the Netherlands. To boost business, Atlantic not only corresponds directly with tax authorities, but also with customers through our Customs Broker Integration solution. The latter also aids in approaching new markets, as the AEB Customs Broker Network can attract potential new customers. All this means Atlantic handled 4 mio declarations in 2021 alone and increased that number to 12 mio in 2022 with further growth easily manageable with our scalable customs solutions.

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About Atlantic

Atlantic set out in 2021 to offer customers a fast and easy way to bring low value consignments across customs borders. Their end-to-end cross-border e-commerce solution combines logistics and customs to deliver a smooth and hassle-free service to customers. Atlantic relies heavily on digitization and automation to speed up processes and manage large volumes on both their hubs at Amsterdam and Maastricht airport.